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Thermodynamics Help- Proving Carnot Cycle

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    1. Please help with the following question.


    A Heat engine goes through a Carnot Cycle as the following states:

    State 2 to 3: air compresses adiabatically (pressure increasing)

    State 3 to 4: air expanded under isobaric process

    State 4 to 1: air goes under adiabatic expansion process

    State 1 to 2: air goes under an isobaric compression

    Expression :

    efficiency = 1-(v1/v4)^gamma(v4/v3)


    1: Plot P-V and T-V diagram of the cycle

    2: Prove that the efficiency of this cycle given by expression (1)

    3: Determine the net work done by this cycle as function of pressure and volume.

    Thank you

    2. efficiency = 1-TL/TH
    efficiency = 1-(v1/v4)^gamma(v4/v3)

    3. I have done the graphs correctly, I am not expecting anyone to do it for me, just some guidance on the right direction to start.
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    rude man

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    What does it tell you that it's a Carnot cycle with the isothermals also isobars?

    (I hope γ is latent heat, otherwise I'd be stumped too. Usually γ is Cp/Cv. If this is the case here, then the cycle could not be a Carnot since for a Carnot the top & bottom curves are not isobars. You can only have isobars and isotherms simultaneously if the working substance is part liquiod and part vapor. So we must be dealing with partly liquefied air. At least that's my understanding.)
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