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Homework Help: Thermodynamics involving rods and heat transfer with conduction

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    ok....Two identical rectangular rods of metal are welded end to end (hot dog to hot dog) with a temperature of 0 Celcius on the left side and a temperature of 100 celcius on the right side. in 2 min 10 joules is conducted at a constant rate from the right side to the left side. How much time would be required to conduct 10 J if the rods were welded side to side {hamburger to hamburger}.

    NO lengths mentioned which is what I am stuck on. I can get to 10*A/L=T2L/A through Q/T. K would cancel so would Q. not sure what to do with length and area as these are kind of important but not listed any ideas??
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    What is the basic equation you are using here? I don't see how you got to "10*A/L=T2L/A". It may be right, I just don't see how you got there.
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