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Things you can make with urine?

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    So far, I have learned that one can make phosphorus, ammonia, and potassium nitrate from urine.


    And of course it can be purified for water.

    I am wondering what else can be made with urine instead of wasting it?

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    Leather can be made soft.
    Jellyfish stings can be made to stop stinging.
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    I think I remember a thread here about urine and clorox will make a poisonous gas.
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    I once mixed a bit of clorox with a bit of vinegar. Nothing happened. I'm pretty certain it need to be a higher concentration than cooking vinegar. Likewise, I'll bet urine is far too weak to cause a reaction.
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    I guess you mean chloramines, while Dave

    thinks about chlorine.

    Low pH speeds up hypochlorites decomposition, no doubt about it. But it is completely unrelated to the possible reaction of free chlorine (present in the hypochlorite solution) with urea from urine.
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    Since this topic is about urine does anybody have any knowledge about male cat urine.Specificaly how to eliminate the smell from old urine deposits.I have a house that was previously occupied by 20 cats for over 3 years.As of late I have been searching for products that can eliminate the smell,there are multiple products out there that claim their special proprietary secret formula will do wonders I really dont trust them and they are expensive.I have heard not to use bleach because the ammonia will attract the cat back to where you have used it,but there are no cats here now.Have also heard hydrogen peroxide works and i have a 35% solution but havent tried it......On another note I read that during ww1 when they first started using chlorine gas that if the guys in the trenchs urinated into a cloth and breathed through it that it neutralized the chlorine gas?...........any advise would be greatly appreciated.
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    yellow snow
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    I've heard you can pee around the perimeter of your property, and dogs of a certain sex won't cross the line. So I guess you can make canine aromatic fences out of urine.

    But I like your answer.

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