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Think and Believe

  1. May 3, 2008 #1
    "Think" and "Believe"

    I was thinking about these two words today in the context of:

    And I'm having a hard time making a distinction between the two. Is the word "think" in this sort of context sometimes misused? Should we only reserve the word "think" when it's based on some form of reasoning/analysis? I'd like to think that could be a distinction, but give me your thoughts on this.
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    Semantics can get confusing. And thats really all this is. Both those phrases are just simple colloquial ways of getting across a point. There is a slight distinction between these to technically, but in normal speech it is not necessary to make that distinction.
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    Well, having a belief is a form of thinking.....
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    in this context, i would say 'think' implies you're not very sure, but 'believe' would mean you are a little more confident. 'believe' would be when you have faith in its happening. whereas 'think' would mostly tend towards logical thinking.
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