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Homework Help: Third-order differential equation

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    A third-order differential equation is given;

    ax^3 y''' + bx^2 y'' + cxy' + dy = f(x)

    a)Generalize the method for the euler equation to the third-order equation
    b)Find the general solution of the third order ordinary differential equation for the following coefficients and right hand side function, f(x);

    a=1,b=2,c=3,d=4 and f(x)=ln(3x^2) + ln(x) + x^3 + 5
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    Re: Please help!

    Hi Muratti, Welcome to PF!:smile:

    As per forum rules, we require you to first show some attempt at the problem before we assist you.
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    Re: Please help!

    Stating what is meant by "the method for the euler equation" would be helpful. I know two different methods. Which are you expected to use?>
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    Re: Please help!

    Actually you can solve with the easiest way.Thanks .
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