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(this is not homework) Eletronics and circuitry for dummies.

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    Hello everyone, this isn't homework so I figured I'd post it here.

    I want to learn basic electronics, I mean, being able to move cables and diodes around is not only interesting but useful, I've seen a few diagrams on how to build certain types of guitar/bass pedals and/or amps and such and I'd like to get a hang on it, so, I was wondering if anyone could offer some suggestions on the best course of action to achieve that goal, and if possible, online resources on the subject.

    Thank you everyone for your attention and help.
    (sorry if this felt kind of unnatural, English is not my mother tongue)
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    I googled simple audio electronics projects, and got some good hits. Here's the hit list:


    Look it over and see if you see some good reading and some potential first projects to try out.
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