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Homework Help: This problem is driving me CRAZY!(CALCULAS)

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    Ok, so I've looked through all of my notes and throughout the text book and I cannot find how to do this problem. I'm sure it's probably pretty easy, but I just can't even figure out how to start. Here it is:

    Gritz-Charlston is a 300 unit luxury hotel. All rooms are occupied when the hotel charges $80 per day for a room. For every increase of x dollars in the daily room rate, there are x rooms vacant. Each occupied room costs $22 per day to service and maintain. What should the hotel charge per day in order to maximize profit?

    If anyone could just get me started it would be greatly appreciated.
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    First, write down the profit function P. The key word is 'maximize' which means you should take the derivative of P and set it equal to zero (slope = 0) to find the price the hotel should charge.

    So P is a function of price.
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    Thanks, could you give me the equation to start with?
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    Lol, no. That's your job! Let me see what you come up with, and we'll go from there.
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    rooms: 300
    vacant rooms = increment of price: x
    occupied rooms: y = 300-x
    constraint: x<=300

    profit per room: (80+x)*y = (80+x)*(300-x)
    expenses: 22*y = 22*(300-x)

    total profit: per room + expenses
    total profit: (80+x)*(300-x) - 22*(300-x)
    total profit: 24000 + 220x - x^2 - 6600 + 22x
    total profit: - x^2 + 242x + 17400

    optimize that one - differentiate and solve
    diff: -2x + 242 + 0
    242 - 2x= 0 =>
    x = 121

    Profit is 32041 per day/night.
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    Don't give out answers...
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