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TI 89 or HP 50g (for programming and more)?

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    I know the general answer to the question, but I want to get a TI-89 or HP 50g because I want to write C programs (Z80 asm was too fustrating) and of course, because I want a good calculator to use on exams (electrical engineering).

    According to Wikipedia, the TI-89 (Titanium) has only about 17 MHz while the HP 50g has a 203 MHz processor clocked at 75 MHz and can be easily overclocked. On top of that, the HP has expandable memory and infrared. Why then, is the HP 50g $30-$40 cheaper than the TI-89? Is that processing speed available for user programs?

    The TI-89 however, has a much larger community and many more programs and games. I especially want the GB emulator, but it runs way too slow (I need games to prevent myself from falling asleep sometimes).

    Say the GB emulator were to be somehow ported to the HP 50g, then would the HP 50g be able to run it faster?

    I know nothing of RPN, but is it actually faster to read what you've written algebraicly, convert it to RPN mentally, and then enter it into the calculator? Does RPN make doing exams any faster?

    Also, which has better C programming support (unofficial and/or official)? For the HP 50g, do I need to get the serial cable or is there another method?

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    I have an HP50G and I love it!

    If you're planning to be a real professional (Engineer and or Scientist) then you really do need an HP Calculator. And Yes it is much more powerful than the TI-89 but the learning curve can take a while but I'm pretty sure if you are smart enough to do Physics you can do an HP50G, if you can do Calculus...you can do HP50G!

    As long as you carry the Instructional Manual around with you you'll be fine. And the reason why HP50G is cheaper than the TI-89 is because Hewlett Packard ($100 Billion dollar company) can actually afford to lower the cost without hurting itself financially to produce you a superior product as good if not better than TI's. It's a strategic move to compete against the Monopoly that Texas Instrument has in the Industry.

    There's also slot room for 2GB of Flash expansion memory to store your additional programing.

    A good site for add-ons: :approve: :blushing:

    Youtube Videos on HP50G:
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    The only way for you to separate yourself from the Men and the Boys in your classroom is for you to get an HP Calculator! I'm not promising you'll be getting any dates from the ladies and all, but your classmates, even the Teacher, will be drooling all over you when they see you with an HP50G.

    Its the Ferrari brand of calculators as of right now. lol. :cool:
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    Thank you for the reply. I'll definitely be getting the HP 50g then - I don't mind the learning curve and it'll be worth it if I am to continue using it once I start working as a professional engineer. I had almost ordered it, but decided to wait until I got a response. For some reason, it's difficult to find in retail stores and most of the online stores ship it in 1-2 weeks.

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