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Calculators Non-HP RPN Scientific Calculators?

  1. Sep 11, 2011 #1
    I'm a freshman now in college and I'm looking to buy a scientific calculator, since graphing calculators aren't allowed in my exams. I've been running through high school with my TI-89 in class, though in senior year I became interested in RPN and have been using an HP-48 emulator for Android in RPN mode just for kicks.

    However, the cheapest RPN calculator by HP is the 33s, which is running at $40. (and I'd prefer a 35s since they look much nicer and are more advanced but $10 more). Are there any non-HP RPN scientific calculators that are cheaper? Keep in mind, I need a physical calculator to use in exams, otherwise I'd just use my phone.
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    HP certainly dominates RPN calcs at the moment. I'm afraid you won't find much else.
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