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Tidal Energy - Cobscook Bay, Maine

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    We have noted (see references below) using wave and tidal energy, along the US coast as a clean energy source. This is especially feasible in places like Maine where there are very steep tidal fluctuations (I've experience them first-hand, VERRY STEEP :surprised). So this summer they are fixing to do just that, in Cobscook Bay near Eastport ME.

    Maine Deploys First U.S. Commercial, Grid-Connected Tidal Energy Project, July 24, 2012
    Tidal energy project hailed at dedication, The Quoddy Tides (news source - Eastport, ME), July 27, 2012
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    Maine has some tremendous tides, especially along the Bay of Fundy. There is no reason not to exploit them. We have very high winds on Appalachian ridge-lines, but there are nimbys who say wind turbines would ruin the view. The view is already being obscured by haze from midwest power plants, and I would much rather see clean renewable power replacing coal.
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    Indeed, these green energy sources are there for any community with the courage to make use of them.
    I believe these tidal turbines at the Bay of Fundy will become a shining example for others to follow.
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