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Homework Help: Time for heating to equilibrium with constant heat flux

  1. Jun 10, 2007 #1
    I have the following scenario and hope one of you can help me. I need to find an equation describing a heating process. A cylindrical metal of known dimensions and properties is heated from one side while the temperature of the other side is kept constant. I need to find the equation describing the temperature rise of the side being heated until it reaches equilibrium, so that from it, one can obtain a temperature time graph and know how long it takes to reach equilibrium.

    Or rather does anyone know of an equation that can be used to describe how long a piece of metal being heated with constant heat flux takes to reach equilibrium temperature?
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    Ok. If a constant amount of heat is supplied, then H=kA dt/dx=constant. Hdx=kA dt. Integrating from 0 to x and 0 to t. kA (t)=H(x). This would make it seem like the temperature varies linearly... with distance? Dunno... sorry cant be of much help...
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