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Time in String Theory

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    Does string theory imply time as a dimension that can run in more than one direction or is it asymmetric?
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    What does it mean for time to "run in more than one direction" or for it to be "asymmetric"? When you're not using the technical terminology of a subject (for whatever reason), you must say precisely what you mean by the words you use; otherwise you're not communicating anything.
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    I'm not too sure of the technical terms...but what I'm asking is if String Theory assumes time just like the other spatial dimensions --- does the theory mandate that time flows in one direction (in our experience, we usually don't see time running in any other direction other than forwards)?
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    In this respect, string theory does not differ from ordinary theory of relativity. If you know the answer to your question in ordinary relativity, the answer in string theory is the same.

    You probably ask about the direction of the arrow of time. This arrow has one direction only.
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    May be the question was: if our 3+1 space is a subset of BULK, a brane in a higher dimensional space, then whats about the time in the BULK? Does BULK has time, and if yes, then how many time dimensions?
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    You answered my question well in the previous post...but that would also be another question to point out.
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