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Tire Leaking air

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    If a car tire (front right) is has a leak that is located on its side (not the road-tire interface) will the car leak more air if it is stationary or when it is rolling.

    (1) going straight on level ground or as level as possible

    (2) inclines/declines

    (3) turns

    (4) any other condition you can think of
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    The two major factors influencing the rate of air leakage are pressure and size of the hole. The most important factor for pressure would be the temperature - tire heats up when moving. The size of the hole could be affected by bumps in the road or possibly steering, in either case tire deformation.
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    To play devil's advocate, you could possibly run into the opposite.The hole could possibly seal up during driving due to rotational forces and the slight stiffening of the tire at higher speeds. Just a thought.
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    Why would the tire stiffen at higher rotations?
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