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News Tony Blair Announces His Resignation

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    :rofl: only for the past two years or so-- it's about time if you ask me! Although, now we'll have to put up with Brown for a while. I think we should give Brown a chance though; he may actually be quite a good leader now he doesn't have to bow down to Blair's command.

    Disclaimer: Of course Brown is not necessarily the next prime minister, and we should wait for the Labour party to vote on it.....:rolleyes:
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    Oh god no, that would leave Cheney is charge. Uhh come to think of it Cheney is in charge.
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    There isn't anybody I can think of in the line of US succession that would be appealing as a president.
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    add the entire Bush administration and it's a deal. :biggrin:

    The reference has been Tony's long good-bye, and some wondering if Gordon Brown is up to the challenge.
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    We're connecting Astronuc. :biggrin:
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    Shows how little you (the world) knows about Blair. He was/is more like Clinton than Bush, but he decided to side with a right wing republican neocon, to ensure the US werent polarised, in their war.

    This is however going to be his legacy, chumming up to Bush...

    On a domestic front the UK is a far better place than when the Tory had power, Blair changed the political landscape in the UK so much that someone like Cameron has popped up as the Tory leader, in an attempt to reform a unvoteable Tory party.

    10 years in the spotlight as a statesman and mud will stick.
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    Actually, I think Congress should resign enmasse also.

    We need some better alternative to the two entrenched parties and the two-party system. :grumpy:

    A choice between Bush :yuck: and Kerry :yuck: , or Bush :yuck: and Gore :yuck: , is not much of a choice, IMO.
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    It doesn't show that, it only shows how quickly you jump to conclusions. :biggrin:
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    Conclusions are based on what is written (well my conclusions are), and since you made the effort to link Blair and Bush I concluded you thought they stood for the same things, and thus you were happy Blair was leaving. At least now you will probably go and read up on Blairs policies and perhaps what he really stood for. :smile:
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    Again, I fully agree with you.
    All of them are lame puppets.

    As I suspected you jumped to conclusions. :biggrin:

    Logic Anttech:

    Jimmy does not like Pete.
    Jimmy does not like Johnny.

    Then it supposedly follows that Jimmy does not know anything about what Johnny stands for because Pete is not at all like Johnny. :surprised

    Does that make any sense? You are saying that Jimmy cannot dislike Pete and Johnny?

    I don't like Bush and I don't like Blair, is that suposed to be some contradiction?
    By the way I think Blair is by far the bigger hypocrite of the two. A man like Blair is the kind of man who could pretending blue is green and be complaintely straight faced about it. Bush is not quite of that level.

    Perhaps next he is going to retire become an "ambassador of peace". Or he is going to write his memoires and whitewash himself :rolleyes:
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    LOL.. Seems like you are jumping to conclusions if you think that was my thought process. I thought it was obvious why I concluded what I did, and no it wasnt due to my (evident) lack of IQ, and logic as your post was trying to show (right, or another jump?)

    You associated deliberately bush and blair, with your quip, unless of course you tend to go off in massive tangents mid paragraph.
    As I said I concluded what I did because of what you posted. These two men have nothing in common politically so why bother associating them, unless of course you think they do :smile:

    Please start... This is a thread about him!
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    Ivan Seeking

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    One thing about Blair: He explains himself very well and he makes sense. When I listen to him speak, I have a very hard time understanding how we could be so far apart politically. He almost made me not hate Bush for about a nanosecond a couple of times. Also, comments like those made today at the White House suggest to me that his loyalties were to the U.S. and not Bush in particular. I wonder what he reeeeeeally thinks of Bush.
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    Goodbye Tony, Hello Gordon

    Tony Blair Hands Over Power

    Blair Makes Final Parliament Appearance as PM

    Gordon Brown Moves to British Prime Minister Post
    I found the interview with Freedland to rather insightful into what to expect with Brown. Let us see if the expectations are correct. I am intrigued by the possibility that Brown really does have a good understanding of the US political system and policies. I wish the presidential candidates did - or maybe they do - and that's the problem.

    Brown Poised to Emerge from Blair's Shadow
    by Rob Gifford
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    Unfortunately the world has not seen the last of Tony Blair just yet. It has been confirmed he has accepted the role of ME peace envoy for the quartet.

    Hmm Tony Blair - ME Peace Envoy? An oxymoron if ever there was one.

    I saw the editor of Al Quds being asked what he thought about the appointment. He was, to be polite, somewhat underwhelmed and pointed out the difficulties the future held for Blair as the second most hated man in the world in the ME. No prizes for guessing who was number one.

    On the bright side the British House of Commons has seen the last of him as he has applied for stewardship of the Chiltern Hundreds (a complicated process to allow MPs to resign their seats)
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    I do have to wonder about the efficacy of Blair appointment to this role.
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    Art went GOLD???? When did this happen?


    Whacks Art with a man of war. :biggrin: Sorry, we ran out of fish, so I used the first thing that washed up on the beach. :biggrin:
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    lol It's to celebrate 6 months of posting with no ban :tongue2:
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