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Toolbar capabilty in dialog window?

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    I've searched this sight but to no avail. I am wondering how can i implement printing capabilty in my MFC dialog window. I've tried creating a SDI with the CFormView Class, but there is no printing support that way. If I try to make a Dialog-Based Application the "Standard Toolbar" option cannot be selected. However, through a Dialog-Based App I can create a System Menu and insert a "Print" menu item. But how can you implement a toolbar in a Dialog window? I'm using VC++ 2005.
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    I meant toolbars. I am going to have to print something from an edit control so I'm gonna need a print function. I want a system menu option, which I can figure out how to insert, and I want a toolbar, which I cannot figure out how to insert. I'll take a look at the link you provided. Thanx for your help!!!
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    codeproject is a good source for working around all the features of MFC.
    You can of course always just add a print button to the dialog - theres no need for it to be a toolbar.
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    Great point! Thankx for the help and reference once again.
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    Honestly, you don't want to put a toolbar in a modal dialog anyway. It breaks all sorts of long-standing guidelines in effective human-computer interaction.

    - Warren
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