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Top 1n e^10 reasons e is better than pi

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    That is all for entertainment but in our world both are important . Doing a comparison on such little things does not make sense.
    For example,
    ## log_π π= 1## whereas ## log_π e## is a nasty number.
    Geometry came earlier than calculus.
    For making calculus, geometry was important and therefore π being used in baby geometry makes it better than e in your point 5 case.
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    6. You really should use log instead of ln if you want me to take you seriously.
    5. Pi arises in calculus and analysis. For example in the riemann zeta function ##\zeta(2)=\pi^2/6##.
    3. ##\pi## stands for periphery.
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    micromass: log? What are you, some kind of engineer?
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    I beg your pardon, it was an attempt at humor.
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    It are in fact the engineers who use ln, not the mathematicians.
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    A lumberjack rather :biggrin:
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    sin(e) is a nasty number, where sin(π)=0.
    Pi e without e might not taste good, but what is pi e without pi?
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