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Topic! Error after switch form AOL to Bellsouth/AOL

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    "Topic!" Error after switch form AOL to Bellsouth/AOL

    I had AOL for a while and signed up for the offer where you get both AOL and Bellsouth DSL. Certain links (including those which are supposed to lead to an email to contact someone) bring up a dialog box which says "Topic!". Certain links used to bring up the AOL screen and try to start dial-up to reach the destination of the link. How could this be fixed so that AOL could be disconnected from Bellsouth fully?
    (P.S.-The reason for signing up with the joint internet services was that it was cheaper than signing up with Bellsouth alone by around $8.00 per month.) Thanks.:smile:
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    Are you using AOL's software? If so, stop! Use the built in windows phone dialer. Here are some instructions:

    http://www.flex.com/support/xpsetup.html [Broken]

    Also, I should note that AOL is rather expensive for the service. You can get the same internet for $10 or less.
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    Actually, I'm not using dialup anymore. What I have is Bellsouth DSL and seperately AOL dialup. But I signed up with the offer through AOL where you get both of these services for a cheaper price than if you paid for either seperately. The problem, as far as I can guess might have to do with certain links still trying to use AOL (such as email links,etc.). I'm not really sure about the exact problem though, or how to fix it.
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    If you are still using the AOL browser, then that may be the problem.

    How is the DSL modem connected to your system, i.e. is the DSL directly connected to the PC's NIC card. I would recommend a router, which has somewhat of a firewall, plus allows one to add other PC's to a local network (LAN).

    You should be able to go through MS Internet Exlorer directly, if the modem is set up correctly, and the modem should be set up through the browser anyway.

    In the IE browser (See Tools > Internet Option > Programs) to see what is set up for your email and other browser functions.
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    Thanks, I just read the reply and did what you said, it works now. :biggrin:
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