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Book suggestions for communication systems?

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    I am an EE graduate and I haven't had any pre-exposure to any signal analysis and communications course (I did mostly machines, power systems and control systems(where I have known about frequency domain)). I want to start learning about communication systems, from the early radios to the modern wifis ! Where do I begin? and which text-books do you recommend. My aim is to get maximum knowledge in the minimal time! :) My ultimate aim is to have enough knowledge in communication system to be able to design appropriate communication systems for smart grids.
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    Thanks for the suggestion jedishrfu. Looks like the book assumes that you have previous knowledge of signal analysis though.
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    that book has horrible reviews indeed, but the reviewers suggest alternative books too.

    The easiest solution is: go on your university website, look for the course in signal analysis and communication that is available for the EE BSc (and which you didn't take) and look at the suggested books, or use the material the professor uploaded.
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    You will want to brush up on Fourier Analysis, and on Probability and Random Variables before/while doing this reading...

    "Introduction to Communication Systems" by Stremler (good intro)

    "Adaptive Signal Processing" by Widrow and Stearns (fairly advanced)
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