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Medical Transfer of knowledge: machine to brain

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    i tried searching for it on google but couldn't get the right term. Do you guys know of any research going on trying to transfer knowledge directly into brain like chip?
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    Should I take it as no major funding going on on this subject?
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    It isn't happening anytime soon.
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    I am curious about it
    rather I am more interested in knowing about brain to brain data transfer.
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    When I read this forum knowledge is transferred from my computer to my brain but maybe the same doesn't happen when you read it.
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    lol it happens with all curious and creaive people. I am talking about brain to brain data transfer directly.
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    Strictly speaking knowledge isn't transferred. It's your brain that's interpreting the symbols you see and giving it meaning which you see as knowledge.
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    Dear friend

    Any data for that matter,may not be specifically knowledge. but can we be able to transfer from brain to brain by any means with or without ane hitech device..... is what i am curious all about
    For I firmly believe that thers nothing more strong ,speedy,imperceptible, than human mind in this known universe so how will it work if one combines rather synchonises to higher level and use the powerful combination of Mind Brain & heart added to it. ?
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    Dear friend

    Thnx for such a nice information.

    What I wanted to say is like this-

    Say a baby is crying ok? now the moment baby's mother touches him/her . it pacifies him/her. a sort of touch healing. may be this is why when we shake hands with purely powerful people or very strong minded or say highly confident people we feel certain vibrations ( is it their aura/energy waves?) that to some extent leave effect on us.

    something of that sort. its like transferring positive energy with data packets or so....

    well thnx for again.
    have a nice day.
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    The scientific basis of charisma is not well understood. As for "auras" and "energy waves" this is new age nonsense.
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