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Schools Transferring to another university ( engineering)

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    Hi i will be attending Ottawa university in the fall and would like to transfer out to waterloo or u of t, how does the transfer credits work i dont want to start from 1st year again , secondly i know waterloo/ u of t are rigorous programs, so do you think they would make me repeat at least 1 term of first year? I don't want to repeat 1st year at all , i'd rather just finish it at ottawa, any input
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    You should check the schools websites. I know for Queens you must have more than half of the credits a Queens student must have in engineering to transfer.
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    i checked it out, it only says they allow exemptions if the courses are similar, is the switch worth it from ottawa to waterloo and repeating half the 2nd term, given that i finish a full term at ottawa
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    Unless anyone here works as a counsellor or advisor for either one of those universities, I doubt anyone can really help you over here. None of us really know the course you took and how they match up with the other programs. What you need to do is with the help of your advisors, get in touch with the university you plan to transfer to and ask them what steps you need to take.
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    I don't really understand why you would want to transfer at all, or why you are starting at uottawa if you don't want to finish there.
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    I can't believe people are still sold on the brand name of a university. From the people who have masters degrees, they've been telling me that it does not matter at all where you get your bachelor's. Any school will be good. Graduate school is where it's at.
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    ye that's what i said , and i know its easier to stay once im in, it doesn't matter know and i know that if it is accredited then the school should have the same curriculum as any other uni
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    By the way, what school do you go to? I'm also in the ottawa area. You sound like someone i know.
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    doubt it, im heading there for the coming term and its to carleton U
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