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Transferring to UM - Ann Arbor EECS

  1. Jan 8, 2006 #1
    I am a prospective transfer student hoping to get admitted to UM - Ann Arbor's EECS program. Currently I am attending Lawrence Technological University for electrical engineering in Southfield, MI. www.ltu.edu

    Lawrence Tech is a great school, don't get me wrong. However, it's prestige doesn't go beyond Michigan, really. It is well respected in Michigan, but if you want to develop a career outside of Michigan or the Midwest dealing with something other than automotive (LTU has very close ties with the auto industry) then you're in trouble. I also want to get into the field of solid state electronics/physics, and LTU doesn't have much to offer in that respect. UM Ann Arbor is the number 5 EE program in the country and has plenty of prestige nationally, and seems like it would open more doors for me.

    Also, LTU is a very small university (~5000 students and 3000 being undergrads). I was hoping to get into a university that has more of a "university feel" just to experience it.

    However, UM's minimum transfer GPA is a 3.5, and I have a 3.31, which is a bit low. However, I am transferring from an engineering university as opposed to a CC, and I have been a michigan resident all my life, which might help a bit I suppose.

    I have all of the course requirements satisfied to transfer (all of the calc, physics, and humanities), and then some. I will also have Adv. eng math (complex analysis for engis), circuits 1 with lab, digital electronics with lab, econ, and probability and statistics, all of which will transfer in. I have also taken a decent amount of chemistry (uchem 1 and 2 both with labs, orgo 1 and 2 with orgo 2 lab)

    Do you think I have a chance at being admitted? I will call UM's admissions office on Monday, but I figured I'd get your opinion first, since I can't call them on Sunday. :wink:
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    You look like you might be a good candidate. Make sure you get some good letters of recommendation and write a strong essay. Yes, to transfer you need a personal statement and letters of rec.
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    Great. Thanks a lot.

    However, I haven't been exposed to many EE professors with the exception of three (haven't taken many EE classes) and only one is one I'd feel comfortable in talking to for a letter of recommendation. Would it be ok to ask non-EE profs for letters? I suppose this would be fine, since many CC transfer students never take ANY EE classes. :tongue:

    In the spring semester at LTU, I plan to take electromagnetics fields and waves, circuits 2 with lab, engineering cost analysis, microprocessors with lab, and adv. digital with lab. I am hoping most of these classes will transfer as well.

    I also considered staying at LTU for the bachelors, and the going to UM for the master's degree, since I have been told UM ann arbor is terrible for undergrad school, particularly in EECS, and is much more focused on research, whereas LTU is largely a teaching school, with much less emphasis on research. This is also something to consider. Does anyone have an opinion on this?
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    Well, I definitely wouldn't say UMich is a bad undergrad school.

    However, the most important thing as an undergrad is to thrive wherever you are. If you do stellar at your current school, you shouldn't have a problem entering a strong graduate program.

    I don't think you mentioned what year you are? I assume you're a sophomore?

    Anyway, just focus your energy on doing the best you can in your current program. If you are not unhappy there, don't worry about transferring to another program.
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    I am about to start my second semester of my junior year in a week. :bugeye: I am a little behind in the engineering curriculum because of all of the chemistry classes I took (was a chemistry major for a litte while.... :rolleyes: )
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    I am just really worried about my low GPA....that is all. Also, I am missing linear algebra, which UM says they require for transfers on their general transfer guide, but it doesn't say that on LTU's transfer guide, so I don't know what to believe. MY university doesn't require linear algebra, and I won't be able to take it in the spring...it isn't offered until the fall of '06.
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    Just stay at your current school. You're GPA is fine, and if you do transfer, some of your classes might not and you'll need to retake them. Since you are a junior, that would be a huge pain in the ass.

    As for the Linear Algebra class, just find some time to take it before you graduate.
  9. Jan 9, 2006 #8
    Yeah, most likely I was gonig to just stay at my current school and then maybe go to UM for grad school, but I still think I am going to apply and see what will transfer, just to see if I get in and to have the option of transferring.
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