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Homework Help: Transformations and their inverse

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    Hey guys

    This isnt related to a particular question but i thought might be too specific for the general forum so here we go...

    If you have a function f(x,y) such that u = f(x) and v= g(x) and you have some transformation T(u,v) i know you can find the inverse by getting x and y in terms of u and v and getting the Jacobian matrix etc. BUT if you can't (or like me too lazy/stupid) to be able to find f-1 or g-1 then is there a shortcut? I ask this knowing half the answer: i remembe there being a relation between the jacobian for a transform and its inverse but i dont know what it is.

    The reason i ask the rest of the shpeel before it is to make sure im understanding that correctly as well.

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    There's no shortcut...
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    Ah finally found what i think it is:
    Is this not true?
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