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Treatment makes surfaces self-cleaning

  1. Feb 14, 2007 #1
    "Treatment makes surfaces self-cleaning"

    I read this article, a few weeks ago

    http://www.engineerlive.com/european-design-engineer/instrumentationelectronics/17068/treatment-makes-surfaces-selfcleaning.thtml [Broken]

    Do anyone know more about this? Can it actually be applied to metal?

    i.e. car body, so I won't have to wash my car ever again:!!) , I'm just kidding, but wouldn't that be great.
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    Actually that fenomena use hydrophylic characteristic of material. One material that exhibit that characteristics is titania. Water form a layer instead of droplet on a hydrophylic surface so the dust stuck in water layer and easily removed by water.
    I think we can use in metal, just coat it with titania.
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