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Trigerins a tablet power button inderectly by applying?

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    Im a pc guy for sure... I know none of the jargon, and quite frankly I fee dumb being around pros lol... here my dilema....

    I have a Huawei tablet mediapad 7 youth.... some how my daughter groke the power button and depite the cheapness of this thing... ESPECIALLY obtaining the replacement peice whi Ive found as cheap as 2.25 from distributors in china... I live in Central America in other words that not an option.

    I charges.... its alright just with out that power but which also has the volume controls as they tend to... Ive been trying o think outside the box.... So I question you veterans in tickering.... Is there a way to... alternatives "jump star" the effect that the poser button would have... its all chines to be but from what I understrand is that a small wave of current is what whats it go on and off? or am I just wrong? hopeless even? any refrences or point me outto the right derection would be appreciate, I do not with for any one to had out a freeby.... though if you were.... promise to send you some starbicks giftcards!!!! lol... bribes work sometime right? either way... Im ready to gte down and dirty with my new temp controlled soddering iron... though maybe I should get one of those old circuit boards for kids they used to sell at radio shack..... damn... I miss radio shak... OH and pci slot?? sory again Im pc guy and thats where my skill set though extensive.... ends and starts... 7 progns.
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    Hi there
    welcome to PF :smile:

    So, what about the switch module and cable that plugged into that socket ?
    show us a pic, it may be repairable

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    sigh..... my maid threw it away... and and well... but check this out, I was able to turn it on by crossing coper wire where power button port I pointed out in the picture... now! the sceen is not resping and Im afraid I had to be the culpurate becase I unplugged it to attempt to clean it..... .... now Im looking up and android application that can flash with out having it to go to boot mode or w.e the term is..... lol I cant get a break
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