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Homework Help: Truss Analysis using joints method 2D analysis

  1. Oct 12, 2014 #1
    Given a warren truss, where the load is 2kN/m so the weight per joint is 10kN, since the ends are supported by ground not truss, can anyone please verify my way of solving for the tension and compression at point B.
    See attachment

    Your help is greatly appreciated.

    So I figured out that AB is 28.87 and with a FBD for joint B I ended up with the two equations:
    net Fy = 0 and net Fx = 0
    so, ABy=BCsin60 = 25
    and ABx + BCcos60 = -BD = -28.87

    Is this right?

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    The magnitudes are OK, but be sure to indicate tension or compression. For example, is AB tension or compression?

    Also note that you left out the 5 kN applied force at the end joints, which does not affect your result for the member forces noted.

    Solve for BC.

    I need a mirror.....
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