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Truth table to boolean expression

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    I have a 9 input to 9 output truth table I constructed using Python. I am trying to find a program that can deduce the (hopefully minimized) Boolean expression for my outputs. I tried Logisim already, but when I try to paste the enormous data (512 rows), my Logisim crashes. Can anyone recommend me a program that generates minimized Boolean expressions from huge truth tables with its own paste feature (so I can paste the truth table from a clipboard)? It should have don't care states also.


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    The general method (which I've only done by hand for 3 or so inputs) involves using Karnaugh maps so you can start by searching "Karnaugh reduction software" or something similar. Note that this is a classic problem in logical circuit design (creating logic gates with minimal number of components on a IC chip) and so you will find a great deal of info out there.

    .... a quick look on wikipedia got this:
    Espresso heuristic logic minimizer
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    I am aware of K-maps and the Quine-McCluskey minimization algorithm. It's just that I don't have the time to draw out a 9-bit K-map. I have the truth table at hand, just need a program (can be proprietary) that can do the Boolean work for me.

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    The wikipedia page on the subject points to a Python implementation of the Quine McCluskey algorithm, it might be ideal given you started in python generating your table.

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