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Trying to access a NOAA database

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    I'm trying to read solar radiation data from the following website....can anyone assist me in accessing this information...thank you. (I am expecting to see surface solar radiation strengths by state.)


    You have to scroll down to this:

    Dataset 3282: U.S. National Solar Radiation Database

    and then select that line item..they are in numercial order....
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    Um, you're looking at the metadata tables, not the actual tables.You're gonna have to parse/import the XML file into a db and then read out information, but as far as I can tell these files only give you information about the tables/data (like column name and range limits) anyway.

    Actual database: NSRDB
    hourly data, by state
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    So it's yet another useless government expenditure of my tax dollars...just great!!!!

    Thanks for the assistance...
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    The data is all there, you just have to know what you're looking at/where to look. Having lab facilities where you can just download all the data and arrange it sensibly helps a lot.
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