Trying to find something about eternity engine

  1. Trying to find something about eternity engine

    to find something about eternity engine on the net or more precisely about unsuccessful attempts to build one and exactly about the theory that claims it is not possible. If anyone knows some source for a material, please let me know.
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    In most systems, some of the energy is "lost" converted to some other form, such as heat. But there are close approximations of perpetual motion, such as the movment (usually orbital) of objects in space (almost no drag), or a flow or current that was induced into a circular super-conducting wire (no resistance).
  5. It is so, but forgot that scientists still use Latin language for easier communication. Perpetual motion machine, as I found in the reference, actually violates both of the thermodynamical laws. First, because the only result of this hypothetical mechanism would be work done by a system greater than the energy transfered into the system (first type of perpetuum mobile). Second, because there are no mechanism that could completely convert all entire energy of a system into work (second type of perpetuum mobile).
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