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Turning a model car with no steering.

  1. Feb 27, 2014 #1
    Hi Guys,
    If I were to build a model car, with each wheel having it's own servo, then how can I make it turn in one direction.
    Say if I want to turn left, if I cut power to the front left and reduce the speed of the rare wheels will the front left wheel act as a pivot? Or should I cut power of the whole left side?
    Is there anyway I can simulate this?
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    Welcome to PF.
    The skid steer loader has 4WD without directional wheel steering. The best geometry to use is a wide vehicle with a short wheelbase as that reduces tyre wear while turning.
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    Different speeds for each wheel will steer the car.
    Omni wheels will completely eliminate wear from lateral motion without the need for a conventional differential or accommodations for Ackerman steering geometry.
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