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Tutoring opportunity beneficial?

  1. Oct 20, 2012 #1
    Hey guys and gals,

    One of my professors enlisted my name in a tutoring program in order for me to work for the school as a math tutor, I will be paid generously however I want to know if it would be worth mentioning on an application for grad school. Or would it simply just be considered a job, and I should not even bother mentioning it.

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    Sure, absolutely tutoring looks good on a resume for graduate school. Granted it is probably not the first thing they will look at, but it is beneficial. From personal experience, tutoring helped me a lot to solidify core concepts. Teaching concepts to others takes learning to a completely different level.
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    Thanks for the response!
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    I tutor first and second level calculus and physics 6 hours a week, and I think it's a great way to earn a little cash while solidifying your knowledge of the basics. If you have the time, I'd say do it. I currently tutor groups of 5-8 students, so I think it has helped my communication and leadership skills as well.

    I apply for grad schools next year, but I'm going to mention it if there's a spot. I won't write an essay about it, but I'll at least have it on my resume.
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