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Homework Help: Two Impulse & Impact Problems! Need Help!

  1. Sep 8, 2010 #1
    I need help in these two problems.

    1. Fernando Jose hits a 0.05 kg golf ball, giving it a speed of 65 km/s. What impulse does he impact to the ball?

    2. Automobile companies often test the safety of cars by putting them through crash test to observe the integrity of passenger's compartment. If a 1000-kg car is sent toward a cement wall with a speed of 15m/s and the impact stop the car in 0.09s, with what average force is it brought to a stop?
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    Just fallow the link - impulse . You will find that impulse I = F*dt.
    Newton's second law F = dp/dt (dp - is change in momentum p = mv) and dt is time in which momentum has changed.
    Thats pretty much all you need to solve both problems.
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