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Homework Help: Two Offset Slits (help really appreciated)

  1. Jan 27, 2008 #1
    I'm having trouble getting started with this problem. I know the interference formulas and how it works, but I'm having trouble determining the phase difference.

    Consider the above setup, not drawn to scale.

    Light of wavelength λ= 475 nm is shined at normal incidence to the first screen with slit A.
    The second screen, x1 = 0.7 meters behind the first screen, has two slits, B and C .
    The third screen is x2 = 1.5 meters behind the second screen. It has slit O, which is level with slit A. A lightmeter measures the light intensity at the slit O.

    When light is sent through slit A and measured at the slit O with either slit B or slit C open one slit at a time, the intensity at the point O is the same: I0 = 0.5 W/m2. (The slit widths can always be adjusted so that this is true, but for this problem you can/should ignore the width of all slits.)

    Slit B is at height y1 = 2 mm above slit A.

    Slit C is at height y2 = 1 mm above slit A.

    Note that the drawing is not drawn to scale.

    a) What is the light intensity measured at the point O when both slits B and C are open?
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