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Two problems with posting

  1. Sep 2, 2013 #1
    1. I accidentally entered my answer twice, but couldn't figure out how to delete the second one.
    2. When doing an edit, if I click save, the final version does not come up -- I have to leave the page and go back to it. How can I see the final version after editing.
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    When you click on Edit you are given a chance to delete the thread.

    After using edit (and quick reply) page is not reloaded, I believe it is only modified locally by JavaScript (to keep the server load lower). Sometimes it has a side effect of not updating LaTeX, but the text of the post itself should look OK. Do you have JavaScript switched on? And what browser/what OS do you use?
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    I never noticed that.
    Good to know, it would have been useful a couple days ago...
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    Thanks, I'm glad to know how to delete. Re latex, I am on firefox and I do have javascript on.
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    George Jones

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    After clicking on save, refresh the page.
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