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Featured Stargazing U.S. Solar Eclipse of Aug. 21, 2017

  1. Aug 23, 2017 #401
    Here's my mashup timelapse video. 1002 pics taken from students, myself, and other visitors. 96.6% occulation

    Special thanks to physics forums members for helping me figure out the solar filter
  2. Aug 23, 2017 #402
    NASA's live streaming was very good and thorough! We saw many totalities and diamond rings (etc.) ... along the path of totality, not just one. The last stop was Charleston, South Carolina (where I was planning to be, hadn't I changed plans), but it was under (thin) cloudiness (still kind of ok though). They also had other events, coverage from the jet, space station etc.

    I recommend to everyone to watch those on a video.
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    Like @OmCheeto, I was trying to get a video of shadow bands.
    I saw them just prior to the eclipse and had a GoPro set-up to record it.
    The GoPro did not catch the event as well as my personal eyeballs did, but you can kind of see it.
    I noticed that the weak effect was more apparent if I scrubbed the video (made it go faster by hand) so I made a 2x and 4x version of the clip.
    This is in the clip here:

    My shadow is also in the video.
    When I give the thumbs up I was seeing the shadow bands.

    Looks even less convincing after going through youtube, but there it is.

    A friend of mine saw and filmed stronger shadow bands at Newport (on the Oregon coast).
    There appearance seems to have been quite variable.
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    Wow, great pictures and videos everyone! :smile:

    My story: I traveled to the center of the path of totality. Shortly before totality, a big storm cloud rolled in directly above my location in northwestern Missouri. It rained for the entire duration of totality. :frown:


    On a separate note, for those interested in finding International Space Station (ISS) transits across the sun and the moon, a website like this can prove helpful: http://transit-finder.com/
  5. Aug 28, 2017 #405


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    Comparing that with the "NASA's Eyes" app, it's accurate to within a second.
    Thank you!
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    Found this cool video there.

    You don't want to blink.
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    I wonder how long it's going to take for everything that is just incredibly cool about this eclipse to filter out.

    This one is good in Hi-Def at 1/4 speed.
    I've watched it about 10 times now.
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    Here are some eclipse stamps my wife just got.
    2017-08-30 17-06-02 -0700.jpg

    They are temperature sensitive.
    I put my thumb on some so you can see the moon!
  9. Sep 1, 2017 #409
    The eclispe is gone, of course, but the sun is still there and ... interesting! And if we like the eclipse ... we, in principle, should like our sun too.
    There is our last chance, currently, as we speak, to see four active sun spot group regions in the sun (AR 2672, 2673, 2674 & 2675).
    The senior Region 2672 is about to depart. [Right now: Fri, 1 Sept, 2017 , 2:35pm US, EST (DST)]
    See also live update:
    ... if you catch it! (AR 2672, before departing, that is ... , etc.)
  10. Sep 2, 2017 #410


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    I'm still working on my processing, but I took the liberty of editing the old post to replace the images with updates. The corona looks much smoother in these, though there is a bit less detail close-in.

  11. Sep 2, 2017 #411


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    My wife and I got a set of those a while back. Just the other day we were discussing as to whether or not to use them as stamps, or save them as a complete set.
  12. Sep 2, 2017 #412


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    My wife is having fun using them.
    They are half gone.
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