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Featured Stargazing U.S. Solar Eclipse of Aug. 21, 2017

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    Last rehearsal before packing the equipment up:

    I will of course be busy during, so I'm not sure how much live streaming or posting I will be able to do, but I'll try.
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    The deflection is about 2 seconds of arc for stars directly at the edge of the Sun. I would be surprised if you can get such a good angular resolution without a very good telescope.
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    Wow! Eclipse videos are starting! ...
    Not necessary to be live. I like them anyway, even later, pictures too. I would say go ahead and focus on your important work during ...

    I already found a live streaming link (at least one). I will post it later (before the eclipse).
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    Have glasses, will travel.

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    If you're travelling wearing them ... you won't get very far! ...
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    Weird. I wonder if this is what they call the "quiet before the storm".
    The roads are basically clear to all "eclipse destination" points in Oregon.

    Live road conditions in Oregon


    Spent the day disassembling my telescope, trying to determine if I could fix it.
    After determining that the 9 volt supply was making it to the "guts", I saw the printed circuit board was all surface mount, and said; [Expletives deleted]
    I do plan on taking it though, in the hopes that those stupid stinkin' hippies, with all their "LASER" lights, don't cause too much light pollution the night before.
    And their "LASER" lights might make for an interesting composition against the backdrop of the milky way.
    They are only 13 miles away, and due south of my intended position.
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    Depends on who's steering, methinks...
  8. Aug 18, 2017 #283
    ... and whether he/she is wearing it too or not
  9. Aug 18, 2017 #284
  10. Aug 18, 2017 #285
  11. Aug 18, 2017 #286
    Well, aren't we both?

    (I thought it was obvious that it "depending on who was steering" implied that wearing/not wearing the glasses was part of the concept... Trust me, I am as AR as the next guy - moreso than many - I'd like to think I included you in good company. Anyway, just having fun, no harm intended.)
  12. Aug 18, 2017 #287
    Of course. Your replies were smart and funny. (I just had to make sure about the previous one.)
    We're all getting cheered up, fired up and excited about the eclipse ... :smile::micoscope:
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    I do not watch any tv, so I do not keep up with current events. I only found about the solar eclipse from my boss that is taking a trip to Idaho to go see it.

    My question is the following:

    I will start school on Monday. I live in Southern California. I will be at school from 8am to 5pm. Should I go buy some protection? I do not plan to look at the eclipse (not that interested). I will be walking on campus, and my campus is located on a hill.
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    Unless you are planning at looking at the Sun, no. The protective glasses are just so that you can directly watch the eclipse during its partial phase without damaging your eyes. There is no more danger from an eclipse that there is at any other time. (other than the fact that it impels the curious to stare at the Sun.)
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    In case it hasn't been mentioned before (I didn't read ALL those previous posts!)


    About half way down the page under "Additional Safety information":

    "Viewing with Protection -- Experts suggests that one widely available filter for safe solar viewing is welders glass of sufficiently high number. The only ones that are safe for direct viewing of the Sun with your eyes are those of Shade 12 or higher"
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    See post #201 in this thread for a safe alternative to glasses for you and your classmates.
  17. Aug 19, 2017 #292

    jim hardy

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    Eclipse mania has even affected the cheesy TV commercials of car dealers in the area.

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    Still eerily quiet here, traffic-wise:

    (about an hour ago)

    Guessing either the carpocalypse scared everyone away, or there aren't as many "campers" in Oregon as I thought.

    On a sad note, 400 homes were ordered to evacuate yesterday from a small town on the edge of totality, due to a fire:

    Oregon Wildfire Causes Evacuations In Prime Eclipse Zone
    Residents of more than 400 homes in a prime eclipse-viewing location in Oregon were ordered to evacuate Friday because of a rapidly growing wildfire that had already closed access to a portion of a wilderness area and a regional highway.

    Stupid fires.....


    Not sure if the smoke is going to be a problem:

    Images courtesy of earth.nullschool.net
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    I'm going to be wearing one of my PF tee-shirts.
  21. Aug 19, 2017 #296


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    I was planning on doing the same. :oldtongue:
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    More eclipse mania. I went to a stamp show in Columbia today:


    After holding my thumb on the stamp to warm it up a bit:

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  24. Aug 20, 2017 #299
    Just planning? ...
  25. Aug 20, 2017 #300
    Time again to see the current sun's activity (while everyone is getting ready and preparing for the eclipse tomorrow). Currently there is still a spot group, region 2671 (significant) and (coincidence or no) there was a new big solar flare last night [today is Sun Aug 20, 2017], from a new spot group, rotating now into view, which will get the name 2672 by tomorrow (eclipse day! - now that's coincidence!). More details for all coming up on my next post.

    Here is why looking at the activity (together with the eclipse) is important:
    1. Watch this short and concise NASA's eclipse history review video:

    2. See
    (and useful links there)
    3. As @russ_watters pointed out

    So in focussing your instruments for the eclipse (cameras, telescopes, binoculars ... with sun filters of course), first take your chance with focussing on the current sun spot group (region 2671). It will be sectacular and useful.

    Imagine if there was another big solar flare tomorrow during the eclipse [totality :oldsurprised:]?
    There is actually a new promising spot group (getting the name 2672) rotating into view to the earth by tomorrow! (See next post) Wow! May be we are lucky after all! ...
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