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Ubuntu 14.04 & Windows VNC Program

  1. Sep 30, 2014 #1
    Hi there

    A while back I updated Ubuntu to version 14.04. Before this, I could connect to the machine through TightVNC from my Windows 8.1 laptop.

    However after the upgrade things didn't run smoothly. It is now a known bug that usual VNC software can't connect to Ubuntu 14.04 because it uses security TLS type (18), which TightVNC doesn't support.

    My question is: is there any freeware available (for Windows) that does the job like TightVNC, but supports TLS security type 18?

    The bug I report is mentioned https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/ source/vino/ bug/1281250

    Many thanks for any assistance
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    Whew I was a bit worried when I saw the subject line as I too felt stuck with VNC, knowing it was "dirty" but have no viable alternatives. Congrats on seeking a solid alternative. I think you may find this to your liking - https://www.nomachine.com/
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    Please forgive the self-quote. I'm a beast with a text editor but a fumbler with "rich-text" and maybe forum conventions. I merely wished to edit my post to change a mistake in tense and could see no other way to accomplish this (no longer showed an "edit" button). What method is right and proper or is there a time limit on edits?

    BOT - Hope most followed the link to NOMACHINE.... it is quite good.
  5. Oct 19, 2014 #4
    Yes, I know the exact solution you are looking for.

    Windows has a built-in server and client called Remote Desktop Connection. It works similar to VNC and forwards the whole graphics system.

    XRDP is an open source server for this protocol. I don't really use it, but I tested it out and installed it on my Ubuntu server and it works fine. My server doesn't have X or a desktop manager installed, so I cannot speak from experience how well it works connecting to a unity or KDE plasma desktop, but it is able to give me the basic X-server environment (a terminal and opening windows) on my Windows Devices.

    The other option I know of off the top of my head is to SSH into the Linux box using something like MobiXTerm. You should be able to start and forward the entire desktop from the command line, though I am not sure how quick X-forwarding would be in that case, especially if you are not on a gigabit network but rather using something like Wifi.
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