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UC Berkeley or Niels Bohr Institute

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    I have the chance to choose between on of the above two universities for a exchange semester next year, i was wondering if anyone can give any comparisons between the two in terms of mathematics and theoretical physics. Keep in mind i'm only a sophomore student now.
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    Well. Niels Bohr is in Copenhagen, by far my favorite city in the world. I cannot comment on the physics being done there currently, but the city is absolutely awesome. It is clean and historic. The Danish people are great. Just my 2 cents.

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    I'm swayed towards copenhagen for the beuty of the city, but im swayed towards berkeley for its "honour".
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    I'm at Berkeley, I think it's awesome. Don't know anything about the Niels Bohr institute but the fact that it's on copenhagen would make me want to go there. What do you want out of your schooling?
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    I'm going to study at Niels Bohr because i live in Denmark.. I've seen a lot of lectures from berkeley at their webcast and it seems to be a very good school with a bunch of nobel prize takers too..
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    if you look up the word physics in google video you'll find a bunch of berkeley unergrad physics lectures. you could always watch and see what you can expect on your first few weeks
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    like Ki Man said.. search for "berkeley webcast" on google and watch a couple of lectures..
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    on a related note, i am able this year to choose between the extension campus of UGA in gwinnett county, or the athens tech campus junior college. which would be more prestigious in your opinion?
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    Oh athens tech, no doubt. Best beer in the South or at least the greatest quantity.
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