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UCLA or Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Mechanical Engineering

  1. May 12, 2006 #1
    I got accepted to both schools as a transfer student form a community college. i'm having trouble deciding where to go, because both colleges have very good engineering programs. I think about it every freaking day, but mostly cause people keep asking if i have decided yet. :uhh:

    Most of the people i talked to just said, go to UCLA cause its like prestigious school, and it will be easier to get a job. Some said it will be really competitive down there.

    My engineering instructor said that in his experience Cal poly students seem to graduate later than UCLA ones cause they make you take extra classes like welding. Also that CAL poly really prepares for the job industry and UC's like UCLa will prepare me for graduate school.

    I plan on visiting both campuses right after finals are over, but there isn;t alot of time left after that.
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    Well, you can't go wrong with either one really. Here at Poly almost none graduates on time as your professor pointed out, very very few get out in just four years, it just doesn't happen. I'd say if you're planning on graduate school for engineering, then pick UCLA. If not, pick Poly. As a side note, its nice here that we have all small classes (my largest class has been 120 people, only once, and I've been told by friends at UCLA that their smallest classes were that size). There's a major emphasis on 'learning by doing' which will probably be better preparation if you plan to go straight into industry.
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