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I Ultrasound Transducers and Simulator

  1. Mar 4, 2016 #1
    Presently I am working on Underwater Acoustic Wireless Transmission. I desire to measure water parameters at the bottom of the surface of the water and then pass it to the water surface using Ultrasound. There will be a buoy at the surface which is half submerged and half floating. The floating part will have the receiver. Desired data rate is around several tens of kbps. What are various Transducers available for this purpose to make a prototype with Arduino? HC-SR 04 is the only easily available Ultrasound Transducer available at my place. But will it work underwater? Also suggest me good open source simulators which can satisfy this need?
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    Welcome to the PF.

    When you Google underwater ultrasonic transducer systems, what do you find? :smile:
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    These are air-coupled transducers so they won't work properly if you just dip them in water. Besides, they are not just transducers but an integrated system, with transducers and electronics on the same PCB. Do you plan to submerge all that in water?
    If you want to send the ultrasound produced in the air by these transducers into water, you will have strong reflections at the interface due to huge impedance mismatch.
    It would be a lot easier to use water immersion transducers, which are very common.
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