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Unable to get into Java based intro course, might CLEP?

  1. Sep 5, 2015 #1
    I spoke with my adviser about this he said "have you ever programmed in Java before? because you could CLEP out into the following course" I told him I have programmed very little in Java. Now my life was a bit shattered when I realized the wait-lists for this class were too much to get in. So now I am trying to find a strategy. I was thinking of taking his suggestion and trying to CLEP out come the start of next semester. But I'll need to study very hard I already know. I was even thinking of staying in the class I was suppose to be in and take notes. Could this be done? could I have gained enough knowledge through CLEP study-guides, online materials, and the class lecture notes to CLEP for next semester? how difficult are the CLEP exams for intro to Java?

    Thank you
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    Yes, I think that is what he was referring to the department exam, not a CLEP. I think the term CLEP is just used now to refer to testing out of a class.
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