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Unable to View a Bunch of Websites

  1. Apr 7, 2017 #1
    "a network change deteted err_network_changed"

    Hey guys - been getting this message a lot when I'm going to a variety of sites (no rhyme or reason...just random sites and a lot of them).

    Would anyone happen to know why that is? The site won't load and instead I'll get this message above.

    I use Windows 10 with Chrome browser. I'll eventually be able to view these sites, but I frequently get this message (10x+ a day) with a bunch of places I surf. :(
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    Could be a problem w/ your ISP. You should ask them if other users are having that problem.
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    Googling the error suggests that Chrome has detected a change in one of the major settings for your network connection, like your IP address. You're seeing it on a bunch of places you visit regularly not because there's a problem with that site, but because the issue is happening regularly, so logically it'll happen more often when you are visiting sites you frequently go to.

    Phinds might be right on the ISP - they could be making internal network changes, or could be having an issue in your area that is causing Chrome to see your network settings as having changed. It could also be a flaky connection if you have two networks you can see that you connect to - when the preferred connection drops, the other network would pick up and vice versa. Or, your ISP's router could be going on you.

    For a quick fix, try restarting your router, then releasing and renewing your IP lease (or just restart your computer).
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    Hey guys,

    I've restarted my router, but am still having the same problems + my internet connection keeps dropping (this was also happening before I restarted the router too). So it was two problems:

    1.) constant drop of internet connection
    2.) the OP problem

    Not sure what's up, but it's annoying. It won't reconnect to internet after it drops. ONLY restarting my computer will get a connection back up. But after I restart my computer, it'll drop again in anywhere from 3 minutes to a few hours later. My internet connection has been dropping constantly since we had a severe storm last week. I noticed this issue around the time of the storm about 7 days ago.
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    I use Time Warner cable internet and several years ago I started getting flaky connections and it turned out to be a deteriorated (due to weather) cable connection outside the house. They put in a new connector and all was well. That COULD be your problem.
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    Did you run this ? It works... sometimes.

    Internet troubleshoot.JPG
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