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'Unbreakable' encryption introduced

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    I think this is the perfect place to discuss the possibilities of quantum cryptography. It seems to have become a reality now. Let's discuss whether this truly is unbreakable! We've heard it before, but is it different this time?

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    No encryption can be "unbreakable."

    This holds by definition.
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    So if someone could break it then that would mean we have to rewrite the science books?
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    One-time pad? Quantum entanglement?
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    It's not encryption it's only secure fibre links - this is not new (although the range might be a record)
    It does however solve a problem that isn't the problem - it stops you being able to eavesdrop on a fibre by patching into the fibre.
    If you have traffic data encrypted with modern algorithms like AES this isn't a problem.
    The main drawback is that you can still eavesdrop everytime it goes through a switch or router - this technique only works for a single unbroken length of single mode fibre between two points.
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    I don't see how this would protect from a "man in the middle" attack either. It seems a lot of effort for little benefit.
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    It doesn't.

    It's the classic security thing - a technology solution to a human problem.
    eg. the cleaners found someone's password in the trash: solution double the number of bits in the encryption.
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