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Undecided about what branch of Engineering.

  1. Oct 3, 2007 #1
    I have been going back and forth about going into mechanical or electrical engineering.
    i want to use a lot of math in my daily activities, so im thinking possibly electrical.

    which one ( if any ) has more job openings

    could someone possibly compare and contrast the two breifly for me
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    They both have scads of job openings (as BLS will quantify). They both encompass a broad range of actual jobs, although generally speaking one works with machines and the other with circuits. Is there anything particular you're interested in doing?

    There's always physics - physicists are basically the stem cells of the engineering world (although studies are still being conducted to determine whether or not you can use them to actually build another Shakey's Pizza).
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    As far as job outlook, it seems to be going good NOW. It can get better or worse in 4 years. You never know. Internships throughout your college career, strong GPA, and involvement in organizations such as IEEE or ACM can help your chances, especially if you have leadership roles in those societies. These things can get you a good jumpstart when beginning a career - since it'll be somewhat easier to find a job / have a manager look at your resume instead of putting it in the "dont hire" pile.


    I saved this when I came across this, I thought it provided a nice solid understanding of what you can get into and might expect from the EE field.

    Note: I did not write this, I think I got it from Boeing's website. Not sure.

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