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What branch of engineering to major in for biomedical?

  1. Apr 23, 2016 #1
    So, right now I'm a junior in high school and looking to go to college for engineering. I still haven't decided on a specific branch of engineering, but one that I'm interested in is biomedical engineering. The colleges that I've been looking at don't have a major in biomedical, but some have a minor in it. If I were to choose biomedical engineering, what branch of engineering would be best to major in if I minored in biomedical?
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    Depend on what you want to do in biomedical engineering. If you are interested in biomechanics, major in mechanical engineering.
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    Your best bets would be mechanical or electrical, depending on where your inclinations take you. I did biomedical, but with a heavy component of electrical, particularly signal and image processing.
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    Why are you looking at colleges that don't have a major in what you want to study?
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    I'm with Choppy here. If you want to do biomedical, doesn't it make sense to go somewhere that offers it?
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    If a school with biomedical isn't an option for you, maybe you should consider materials science and engineering with an emphasis on polymers. I believe a handful of the MSE faculty at my school have biomedical work and research experience. Plus, MSE is really fun and interesting, and I've often considered changing to an MSE major myself.
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    Depends on what part of biomedical engineering you are interested in. If you are interested in bioelectronics, electrical engineering would be a wise choice. For biomechanics, mechanical engineering would give you the most appropriate background. If you are interested in biomaterials and tissue engineering materials science and engineering would be the most suitable major.
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