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A branch (UK: or UK: , US: ) or tree branch (sometimes referred to in botany as a ramus) is a woody structural member connected to but not part of the central trunk of a tree (or sometimes a shrub). Large branches are known as boughs and small branches are known as twigs. The term "twig" often refers to a terminus, while "bough" refers only to branches coming directly from the trunk.
Due to a broad range of species of trees, branches and twigs can be found in many different shapes and sizes. While branches can be nearly horizontal, vertical, or diagonal, the majority of trees have upwardly diagonal branches. A number of mathematical properties are associated with tree branchings: they are natural examples of fractal patterns in nature, and, as observed by Leonardo da Vinci, their cross-sectional areas closely follow the da Vinci branching rule.

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  1. F X

    Where is the correct forum to ask questions?

    For example. I have a question, about what branch of physics would the question be asked? And is that how you do it here? Ask questions based on which branch it might concern? Is there a questions topic anywhere? I looked. Many times. I'm not even sure if this section is the place to ask...
  2. A

    B Why is potential difference the same across each branch in parallel?

    As the title says, i am struggling to understand how if the cell is only supplying 3V how 2 lamps in parallel both receive 3 volts (totalling 6) I currently study a level physics and never really questioned how this works and just accepted it as the truth. Can someone explain with a helpful...
  3. M

    I Why does the end of the fracture have a branch? (Fracking)

    Hello, I have seen some pictures about hydraulic fracturing, which is injecting water into the ground under high pressure, and when people draw the schematic, it looks like this I am wondering why the fracture will be branched. Thanks!
  4. yezia

    Physics Are physicists good in EVERY branch of physics?

    Hi all, I've been pondering over this question for a long time. Of course physicists are specialists in a specific branch (even in those branches, sometimes they specialize themselves in an ultra-specific sub-branch) in which they produce research. I've noticed some professors at my uni...
  5. K

    How many Parallel Resistive Loads I connect in a 110V branch?

    This is to understand the situation, I'm not going to do this in real world. This is already done in our Cooktops (refer image below). They come with 4 Cook tops with Nichrome heating elements. So my question is, how many Nichrome Heating Elements can be connected in parallel in 110 V socket at...
  6. jedishrfu

    Recent Linux News and Intel Indirect Branch Tracking

    https://www.phoronix.com/news/Linux-IBT-By-Default-Tip IBT is part to Control Flow Integrity strategy/standard: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Control-flow_integrity
  7. A

    Bernoulli equation and parallel pipe branch

    Hello! I have a question regarding the application of the bernoulli equation and calculation of the flow through a parallel pipe branch. It's more the basic understanding how the flow will establish. You can find a sketch attached to follow my explanation. Let's assume I have a pipe with...
  8. E

    Physics What Branch of Physics Deals with Renewable or Clean Energy?

    Hello there, I am interested in renewable or clean or new energy sources. What branch of physics that I need to focus on in order to get a deep understanding on this? Also, what prerequisites do I need? p.s. I am a self taught student, so I don't have any academic advisor
  9. C

    I Expansion of a complex function around branch point

    I’m coming at this question with a physics application in mind so apologies if my language is a bit sloppy in places but I think the answer to my question is grounded in math so I’ll post it here. Say I have a function F(z) defined in the complex z plane which has branch points at z=0 and z =...
  10. F

    [Complex analysis] Contradiction in the definition of a branch

    I find the following definition in my complex analysis book : Definition : ## F(z)## is said to be a branch of a multiple-valued function ##f(z)## in a domain ##D## if ##F(z)## is single-valued and continuous in ##D## and has the property that, for each ##z## in ##D##, the value ##F(z)## is one...
  11. asd852

    Voltage restriction for nodes on the same branch?

    originally ,I want to prove (TT:current can only flow from c to d),thus I try to figure out what will happen if Vd >Vc,then I label corresponding current direction.Afterwards,I know what's wrong: (A:current doesn't flow out of d ),then I attempted to prove A ,yet I consider that A might not...
  12. M

    Which engineering branch would be the best for me?

    Hi everyone, now I'll be starting my senior year, and like most of graduates I feel concerned about my future plans. I am pretty sure that I'll study engineering, but I just can't decide which field, I read about them a lot but that doesn't help me at all so I hope that someone can guide me a...
  13. naftacher

    Confused as to where I begin to solve this circuit branch problem

    I am thinking that this circuit needs to be simplified somehow? Finding an equivalent resistance and moving from there?
  14. tworitdash

    A Integrating a function of which poles appear on the branch cut

    I have a complicated function to integrate from -\infty to \infty . I = \int_{-\infty}^{\infty}\frac{(2k^2 - \Omega^2)(I_0^2(\Omega) + I_2(\Omega)^2) - \Omega^2 I_0(\Omega) I_2(\Omega)}{\sqrt{k^2 - \Omega^2}} \Omega d\Omega Where I0I0 and I2I2 are functions containing Hankel functions as...
  15. A

    How to calculate a pressure drop in a branch of a loop ring pipe

    Good day I'm trying to calculate the pressure drop in each branch of the following loop ring system I used the following formula to find the pressure drop but i seems that it worked only for the ring, and the branch #2 ( the branch in the middle), the solution given by the professor show...
  16. ?

    I Predicting Motion of a Swing on a Non-Horizontal Branch

    A swing is suspended from a non-horizontal tree branch. Points C and D are fixed in space. All 4 line segments in the diagram have constant distance. After some initial "kick" imparts energy to the system the only force acting externally on the system is gravity. Is it possible to predict the...
  17. S

    I Which branch of mathematics talks about this?

    Imagine two smooth scalar functions defined on the surface of a sphere. Is it possible to find a smooth coordinate translation that slides the values of the first function over the sphere, until it becomes equal to the second function everywhere? It seems reasonable that if the number of...
  18. Measle

    I Principal branch of the log function

    I'm learning complex analysis right now, and I'm reading from Joseph Taylor's Complex Variables. On Theorem 1.4.8, it says "If a log is the branch of the log function determined by an interval I, then log agrees with the ordinary natural log function on the positive real numbers if and only if...
  19. J

    Current flowing in a branch in a circuit

    Homework Statement Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution For calculation sake I will consider R = 1Ω . Final answer will be in mA instead of A . The middle two resistors 3R and 4R are in parallel , so I consider their equivalent resistance 12R/7 in the middle branch . In the left...
  20. J

    Current flowing in the middle branch -- Why 2 different answers?

    Homework Statement Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution The two batteries are in series in both the left and right branch .This means the potential difference applied across the two middle resistors is 20 V .Hence the current flowing through them is 20/10= 2 A . This is indeed the...
  21. A

    Pressure drop along a pipe with a branch

    Hi, I'm trying to determine if a compressed air system has sufficient system to feed a new load The minimum pressure required for existing loads and the current load is 7 bar. In order to determine the pressure at E i did a pressure loss calculation for the following A to B - △P start of pipe...
  22. J

    Analyzing Current in a Branch: Using KCL and KVL

    Homework Statement Q . Find current i through the 5Ω resistor ? Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution I would like to understand what does leftmost 1A represent . I haven't seen something like that before in my book . Is it a Galvanometer or something else ?
  23. J

    AC voltage across a parallel branch

    Homework Statement Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution I am assuming that the given value of voltage applied is an RMS value . Same voltage is applied across both the branches . In the upper branch the net resistance is the sum of capacitive reactance of the capacitor and...
  24. R

    Which physics branch contributed more to modern civilization

    Classical or modern physics? Basically, which branch is responsible for all modern inventions: Cars, airplanes, modern sea ships, spacecraft s, microwaves, ovens, computers, televisions, smartphones, etc. (Also, how did we get to the moon, using concepts from classical or modern physics?)...
  25. G

    Why is there no current in a parallel branch of a short.

    its a simple circuit one branch has a resistor and its in parallel with a short i understand that the short branch has no resistance other than the wire itself which means it has super small resistance and by ohm's law I = V/R where the voltage is divided by a super small value means the...
  26. H

    Can you help me find the current through the 15 Ohm resistor branch?

    Homework Statement Homework Equations I = VR Series = current the same, voltage different Parallel = current different, voltage the sameThe Attempt at a Solution Is the 1 ohm and 15 ohm parallel? I'm still learning to differentiate it. If yes, then R = 15/16 ohm Is the R series to 5ohm? If...
  27. S

    I Drawing the contour with a branch cut

    I am trying to determine the contour required in solving part b. The branch points (poles) are at s=0 and s= -a and in between these two values, there is a branch cut. I know that the branch cut cannot be included in the contour so does this mean the poles also cannot be in the contour? Would...
  28. W

    Contour Integration: Branch cuts

    Homework Statement I am supposed to evaluate the contour integral of the positive branch of ##z^{-1/2}## over the following contour: I believe the answer should be 0, by Cauchy's theorem (loop encloses no poles), but my methods of parameterization have led to non-zero answers. Homework...
  29. M

    Other Disabled looking for branch of science

    I'm not in the US but 1st world country with similar dynamic. I recently retired from a military career of 20 years due to disability and have been looking to study towards a new career. I did one year of a science(Biology) degree in the early 90's before joining up, and wish sometimes I had...
  30. E

    A Transformation of the neighborhood of a branch point

    Hi all, I was trying the understand theory behind Fourier and Laplace Transform (especially in the context of control theory) by reading the book "Complex Variables and the Laplace Transform for Engineers" written by "Wilbur R. LePage". In section 6-10 of the book the author touches on the...
  31. A

    Physics Best physics branch to stay in science?

    I'm a Junior physics major, and right now my goal is to stay in science. I want to read physics papers, and go to conferences, and do research, the whole science thing. As of now I haven't specialized in any branch of physics, and I have no immediate qualms with any. So my question: What are...
  32. J

    I Help with expression ##F(it)-F(-it)## in the Abel-Plana form

    I´m having a problem with the value of the expression ##F(it)-F(-it)##, found on the Abel-Plana formula, where $$F(z)=\sqrt{z^2 + A^2}$$, with ##A## being a positive real number (F(z) is analytic in the right half-plane). Well, I know the result is ##F(it)-F(-it)=2i\sqrt{t^2 -A^2}##, for...
  33. S

    I Merging Two Threads: Complex Integrals & Branch Cuts

    <Moderator note: Merger of two threads on the topic.> Hello! I am reading some basic stuff on complex integrals using branch cuts and i found the problem in the attachment. I am not sure I understand why the branch cut is along ##R^+##. I thought that branch cut is, loosely speaking, a line...
  34. CivilSigma

    Other Which Branch of Civil Engineering is Math Heavy?

    I was wondering, which sub discipline of Civil Engineering in structures is math heavy? By heavy math, I mean something along the line of analysis of DE, integrals, differentials etc... not just basic arithmetic / statics. The highest level of maths I completed include Calculus 3 ( which dealt...
  35. mercenarycor

    Contour integration with a branch cut

    Homework Statement ∫-11 dx/(√(1-x2)(a+bx)) a>b>0 Homework Equations f(z0)=(1/2πi)∫f(z)dz/(z-z0) The Attempt at a Solution I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing. I'm taking Mathematical Methods, and this chapter is making absolutely no sense to me. I understand enough to tell I'm supposed...
  36. ZuperPosition

    Possible branch cuts for arcsin derivative

    Homework Statement Our textbook, Fundamentals of Complex Analysis, (...) by Saff Snider says on page 135 that by choosing some suitable branch for the square root and the logarithm then one can show that any such branch satisfies the equation below. The homework/task is to find all such branch...
  37. T

    I Finding a branch of a function in the unit disk

    If trying to find a branch of ##(z^2-1)^{1/2}##, it can be shown that one acceptable answer is: ## i e^{0.5 Log(1-z^2)}## But I just want to clarify, is not the following an acceptable answer, too: ## iz e^{0.5 Log (\frac{1}{z^2} -1)}## It appears the argument of Log in both cases is always...
  38. G

    A A problem about branch cut in contour integral

    Hello. I have a difficulty to understand the branch cut introduced to solve this integral. \int_{ - \infty }^\infty {dp\left[ {p{e^{ip\left| x \right|}}{e^{ - it\sqrt {{p^2} + {m^2}} }}} \right]} here p is a magnitude of the 3-dimensional momentum of a particle, x and t are space and time...
  39. Demystifier

    I Is probability theory a branch of measure theory?

    In another math thread https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/categorizing-math.889809/ several people expressed their opinion that, while statistics is a branch of applied mathematics, the probability theory is pure mathematics and a branch of analysis, or more precisely, a branch of measure...
  40. M

    Complex integration, possibly branch cut integral

    Homework Statement The integral I want to solve is $$ D(x) = \frac{-i}{8\pi^2}\int dr\,d\theta \frac{e^{-irx\cos\theta}}{\sqrt{r^2+m^2}}r^2\sin\theta$$ which I've reduced to $$ D(x) = \frac{-i}{4\pi x}\int dr \frac{r\sin(rx)}{\sqrt{r^2+m^2}} $$ by integrating over ##\theta##. However, I...
  41. G

    Engineering Circuit analysis -- Find active and reactive power in the branch....

    Homework Statement Given the circuit of sinusoidal current (attachment 1) with given data: \underline{E}=100V,\underline{E_1}=40V,\underline{Z}=(10+j10)\Omega,\omega=10^5rad/s,L=1mH, C=0.1uF. Find \underline{I_L},\underline{U_{16}}, active and reactive power in the branch 2-5. 2. The...
  42. P

    Order of branch point of z^(-1/2)

    Homework Statement Give the location and orders of the branch points at, and classify the singularities f(z) =\frac{1}{z^{1/2}} Mod note: Fixed LaTeX in exponent above and below. To OP: To write a fractional exponent such as ##z^{1/2}## use braces around the exponent, like this: ##z^{1/2}##. It...
  43. F

    Flow in Branch Pipe: Understanding Reservoir Flow Dynamics

    Homework Statement in the notes , the author stated that the water from reservoir 1 could flow to reservoir 2 and 3 ... i don't understand how could the water flow from 1 to 2 through junction D ? how could the water flow from low to high ? Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution
  44. DevonZA

    Use KVL to determine values of branch currents

    Homework Statement Homework Equations KVL: At any instant in a closed loop the algebraic sum of the e.m.f's acting round the loop is equal to the algebraic sum of the p.d's round the loop. The Attempt at a Solution 3.1 R1 = BROWN, RED, BLACK, NONE R2 = BROWN, GREY, BROWN, SILVER R3 =...
  45. F

    Can Water Flow in Multiple Directions in a Network of Pipes?

    Homework Statement in the previous therad https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/flow-in-branch-pipe.866194/ (post #14) , i was told that water can flow in one direction only in a netwrok of pipes . However , in the notes uploaded here , the author stated that when P is below surface of B ...
  46. E

    Programs What branch of engineering to major in for biomedical?

    So, right now I'm a junior in high school and looking to go to college for engineering. I still haven't decided on a specific branch of engineering, but one that I'm interested in is biomedical engineering. The colleges that I've been looking at don't have a major in biomedical, but some have a...
  47. F

    Understanding Flow in Branch Pipes: Exploring Q1=Q2+Q3 Concept

    Homework Statement the author stated that Q1= Q2 + Q3 , that's means the water flowing from reservoir A to B and C ... Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution why can't Q1 + Q2 = Q3 ? which means water flow from reservoir A and B to C ?
  48. K

    1 pipe branching into 3 pipes, pressure of each branch?

    Hello all, I am a mechanical engineer, graduated just last year. Although I am not working with fluid mechanics right now, I was browsing through my fluids book from school and saw the section on pipe networks. As I was reading, I developed this question which I could not find an answer to in...
  49. Peter25samaha

    Courses Study Physics Easily: Branch Order & Grouping

    I have to study a little of all that before undergrad anyone can help me and put it from the easiest one to the harder ? so i can study them in turn : -classical mechanics -quantum mechanics -particle physics -high energy physics -relativity -astrophysics -atomic molecular and optical physics...