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Underdamped oscilation problem

  1. May 12, 2013 #1
    Hi, I'm having some problems to complete this problem if some body can explain me the points c an d... ;)

    An object with 1.5 kg mass located on a spring with constant of 600 N/m oscillates so that the amplitude decreases 3%in each cycle. Subsequently, the system is driven with a sinusoidal force being the maximum value F0=0.5N.

    a) What is the value of the angular frequency of the system before acting the sinusoidal force?
    b) What is the resonant frequency?
    c)What is the amplitude of the motion if the driving force is applied at the resonant frequency?
    d) What is the amplitude of motion when the angular frequency of the driving force is  = 19 rad/s?

    Sol.: a) 19.9998 rad/s b) 20 rad/s c) 0.0859 m d) 0.00851 m
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