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Understanding Core Loss Measurement

  1. Nov 12, 2015 #1
    Hello folks,

    I'm looking for a way to measure core loss in RF transformers and inductors. I found a PhD thesis here:
    which looks like just the ticket, but I'm having trouble understanding key parts. I've tried contacting the author with no success.

    Chapter 3 introduces a good practical method, but I'm stumped at eqn 3.1 (pg 66).
    • Why does Pcore depend on capital Ipp and not lower-case ipp? Capital Ipp results from the magnetizing inductance (Lm in fig 3.1), but lower-case ipp is the current step due to core loss.
    • Why does Pcore depend on duty cycle D? Driving fig 3.1 with a rectangular wave would result in a rectangular voltage across Rcore, so the power loss in Rcore shouldn't depend on D at all.
    • Not only do I not understand why D is in there, I don't see how its use in eqn 3.1 is derived.
    In short, I pretty much don't get eqn 3.1 at all! If anyone can help, I would greatly appreciate it. Then perhaps eqn 3.2 will start making sense...

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    I've gotten to the bottom of this, with some help from elsewhere. There is indeed a typo in eqn 3.1 -- Ipp should be ipp. And page 23 of the paper does touch on core loss dependency on D. Duty cycles away from 50% contain higher harmonic amplitudes, which contribute to higher core loss. That makes sense!
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