Understanding Gas Dynamics in Piston-Crank Slider System

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crank slider mechanism.
I need help understanding what happens to the gas that is being worked by the piston, in the crank slider. My goal is to produce linear motion on an object up to a certain height and I'm wondering since the slider moves back during the rotation of the crank what happens to the object I'm trying to push and gas inside the piston. Most of the help online-only deals on force analysis of the crank and the slider. Any help or reference text on this topic would help. suppose end EG wasn't closed and there was an object there.


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The closed end of the cylinder will have an inlet and an outlet port, so that more air can be inducted while the piston volume is increasing, and the compressed gas can escape during the exhaust cycle. The valves may be controlled by some form of crankshaft, or simply by pressure difference.

You need to better describe why you need the cylinder to lift an unidentified object with a slider-crank.
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:smile:thank you for the reply, its kind of a simple project, an electric hospital bed so a motor to produce rotary motion and a crank slider to convert it to linear. I am new to the mechanics of machines stuff so crank slider was the only option i thought off, If you have a better one I am up to hear them.Thanks again.
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Maybe consider a linear actuator in the form of an electric motor driven screw.
Search eBay or Amazon for "linear actuator".
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thanks that's much simple

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