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Unicode (UTF-8) for overlined characters

  1. Jul 13, 2009 #1
    Hello, I have been trying to find the unicode (UTF-8) character codes for overlined upper case letters (V,L,C,M) for use in Roman numerals with the 1000-multiplier. It is basically the same letter with a bar on top of the letter.
    I also need the overlined decimal digits to display recurring decimals. I must have missed something, because theses characters appear quite basic to me.
    Many thanks in advance.
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    This may not help you, but in the tex environment, you can define overbars for any characters using the \bar{} markup.

    Code (Text):

    \bar{V} ~ \bar{L} ~ \bar{C} ~ \bar{M} ~ \bar{0} ~ \bar{1} \ldots \bar{9}
    \bar{V} ~ \bar{L} ~ \bar{C} ~ \bar{M} ~ \bar{0} ~ \bar{1} \ldots \bar{9}

    If you're just looking for a way to markup characters in this forum, this method can be quite handy.

    [tex]\bar{v} = \frac{x_2 - x_1}{t_2 - t_1}[/tex]
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    u+305 is the combining overline, type it after a character
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    In fact, the tex code is very useful for me too, as I need to write that as one of my steps!
    Thank you both of you for the prompt response.
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    I'm glad to know it can help. I find the tex markup here to be quite useful and wish other forums supported it.
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