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Unique Idea

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    I want to design build and overall engineer a variable pitch turbocharger. This will go a long way in regulating both the hot and compressor sides flow rates, a larger turbo can essentially be used in smaller applications, and vice-versa. I want to use the VNT or VGT type turbos for my testbed.
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    cool. i actually just read about turbochargers (TC).
    my concern is that a TC is a passive device. what would you do differently from traditional TCs?
    let me know how this works out. are you going to put out a writeup?
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    The general operation of a turbocharger is that it uses hot exhaust gasses expelled from the motor to turn a turbine "hot side" the compressor, connected by a shaft draws in air and forces it into the intake, sometimes cooling it down via an intercooler. This process is usually known as "forced induction" The turbocharger faces many challenges, two of which are overboost and overpressure, as well as having to depend on a given size of compressor/turbine for a specific engine displacement/output. The reason for this, is that at high rpm/top of the powerband, such as when the transmission will shift to the next gear, the large intake caused by the compressor taking in a lot of air for high demand/high rpm's has no where to go and is unneeded at lower rpms, this is also dangerous for the engine, as the tubo also acts as a one way valve, and prevents the pressure from going out the way it came, hence the necessity of the blowoff valve, which is now wasted boost vented to the atmosphere. I plan to prevent this waste and make a truly on demand system, by eliminating overboost and overpressure. Overpressure occurs when the similar process happens but instead on the exhaust side, to prevent the turbo from spinning too fast, or stopping altogether, "universally bad" This necessitates the BOV or blow off valve, to regulate the exhaust/turbine side of the turbo. the expended /unneeded exhaust is vented directly to the downpipe thereby bypassing the turbin and not pushing it to turn the compressor unneccessarily. A VNT or Variable Nozzle Turbine, or VGT, or Variable Geometry Turbine, does this quite well, and works well with small and large engines to a point. I want to create, however, a turbo that is nearly universal, or a supercharger that is universal, it will aid in efficiency, by changing the efficiency of the tubine/compressor wheels and the direction of flow for better mixture/vortex action, to aid in flow once again.
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